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A message from the Headteacher

Bexley Heath Academy

Miss Louise Hamilton

As the Headteacher of Broadlands Academy, I would like to welcome you to our website, where you can find out all about our wonderful school. At Broadlands, our vision is to inspire our young people to set themselves remarkable and aspirational goals based on their unique skills, talents and dreams.

As a small secondary school, we cultivate a ‘family feel’ and sense of belonging among our students, and believe that nurture is essential for academic, personal and social success. We are an inclusive community, which welcomes and celebrates students of all backgrounds and starting points, and which promotes diversity and fairness.

As well as cherishing and supporting our students, we believe in challenging them to achieve excellence in everything that they do. We have the highest of expectations of behaviour, and pledge that every classroom in our school will be a disruption-free learning environment. Similarly, we have aspirational academic goals for every student, and do not believe in placing a ceiling on what any young person can achieve. For this reason, our classes in Years 7, 8 and 9 are taught in mixed ability groupings, and we teach to the top in very lesson. Where students need additional or different tools to reach our aspirational aims, these are provided by our expert teachers, who benefit from the guidance of our excellent SEN and pastoral teams.

At Broadlands, we recognise the importance of building young people’s character as well as their academic success. We run a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs, and aim to enhance and deepen our students’ learning experiences with educational and cultural visits where possible. Our excellent Careers advice and strong links with employers and post-16 providers mean that we are able to prepare our students fully for their chosen pathways.


Importantly, we are a proud member of the wider Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) family, which is one of the largest education trusts in the UK. As a school, we benefit directly from AET’s expertise, support and systems; we also share their four core values, which are intrinsic to our Broadlands Academy ethos:

  • Be unusually brave: We recognise that we are all on a learning journey that will involve challenges as well as successes; our growth mindset helps us to take risks and learn from our mistakes.

  • Discover what’s possible: We create a rich and dynamic learning environment that inspires our students to nurture their strengths and skills, and discover the opportunities available to them in the wider world.

  • Push the limits: We believe that everything we do should reflect excellence, and strive to achieve our aspirational goals through effort and resilience.

  • Be big hearted: We value and cherish every member of our community by showing kindness to everyone, by championing fairness and by celebrating diversity.

Although we run fantastic Open Events, we also believe in having an open door policy all year round; if you would like to see our vision and values in action, therefore, please do make an appointment to tour the school. My PA, Miss Steer, can be contacted at

I look forward to welcoming you to our truly remarkable Broadlands Academy!

Admissions process

Broadlands Academy has an agreed Published Admission Number (PAN) of 180 for entry into Year 7 for 2023/24. The Academy will accordingly admit at least 180 pupils in the relevant age group each year if sufficient applications are received. All applications will be admitted if 180 or fewer apply. Please click on the link below to access our admission arrangements for 2023/24:

Admission Arrangements 2023/24

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via your Local Authority. For more information and to apply click on the button below:

Key Dates

31 Oct 2022: Final date for applications

1 Mar 2023: Offers of a school place sent to parents and carers, including offers from other Local Authorities and own authority schools

By 15 Mar 2023: Parents and carers must respond to the offer of a school place

Full application timetable available on your local authority website


Driven by our ethos and values, our challenging and engaging curriculum empowers our young people with the knowledge, attitude and skills needed to achieve success in whatever future they choose, as well as the character traits to enable them to navigate and make a positive impact on the world around them.

We have very high expectations for every student, with challenging, aspirational and shared potentials. Students at Broadlands Academy are supported academically and emotionally developing skills, attitudes and abilities which will enable them to achieve their life goals.

Our curriculum is sequenced to ensure that students gain knowledge, connect key concepts, acquire new skills and learn how to apply this confidently in different contexts. Our curriculum leaders have carefully considered what knowledge should be secured and how best do we ensure that students learn that knowledge in a way that means they remember it and can use it.

Enrichment and trips

Broadlands offers its students a range of additional activities and events to enrich and enhance their learning and further their personal development. The PE faculty offers a full programme of sports clubs and fitness training, including participation in football, rugby, basketball and hockey fixtures.

Creative Arts hold concerts every year. Our more able musicians can partake in additional music tuition lessons provided by B&NES Music Service.

Students have the opportunity to partake in residential trips. These are organised each year and have previously involved trips to places such as London and Madrid.

As well as residential trips, many curriculum day trips are organised throughout the year to support the learning that takes place in lesson time.

To encourage social and friendship skills (having some fun time with their school friends) every summer Year 7-10 students have the opportunity to go with their year group to a theme park.

One of the highlights of the year and possibly most poignant evenings for all the parents/carers, staff and students involved, is the Annual Prom, celebrating the last day of Year 11 students' compulsory attendance at school. A night for dressing up, arriving in style, dancing to the beat, having fun and marking the end of 5 great years at Broadlands!