We are a small inclusion unit for students with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH). Connect is part of

Broadlands Academy and students who attend the provision are on the roll of the mainstream school.

Our Admissions Policy can be found below.

Admissions Policy 2019/20

Broadlands Academy Resource Unit - Broadlands Academy Connect


Broadlands Academy is an AET mainstream secondary with a Resource Base for children with communication and interaction and social, emotional and mental health difficulties. The Resource Base is known as Broadlands Academy Connect, or ‘Connect’ for short.

The Academy is based in Keynsham, between Bath and Bristol. Students seeking a place at Broadlands Academy Connect are referred to us by the B&NES SEN Team.

Admission Criteria:

In considering the parental request for a placement within Broadlands Academy Connect for students with Social Communication and/or Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs, the Local Authority must have regard to the following admission Criteria:

  • The young person will have an EHC plan which clearly outlines their needs and support required. Should they not have an EHC plan there must be evidence that a needs assessment has been agreed.
  • The young person will benefit from the placement at an inclusive school committed to support young people to reverse patterns of failure associated with school and learning.
  • To ensure the efficient education of other students accessing the provision, students whose presenting needs are the result of deep-seated and long term emotional or mental health issues will need evidence of progress being made in managing their emotional responses before a place can be offered.
  • Students whose needs are not compatible with that of peers already in attendance may not be offered a place.
  • The Resource Base will cater for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students.

Process for Placement

After the Headteacher and SENDCo have reviewed the EHC plan of a referred student, the student and their parents/carers are invited for a tour of the school and a meeting with the Headteacher and SENDCo.

  • The young person’s parent/guardian(s) will engage in supporting the school policies on behaviour, uniform and learning and to celebrate the young person’s achievements. The young person’s parent/guardian(s) understand that they must attend regular meetings at the school to review the young person’s progress, engagement and achievement.
  • The LA/parents/carers will be notified by the school of the decision whether or not to offer a place
  • If all parties agree that the placement is appropriate, arrangements will be put in place by the Academy and the LA and an agreed Transition Plan will be drafted.

Starting at the Academy

  • If the placement is agreed, the student and parents/carers are invited for a further meeting where the admission process is completed and a written profile of the student is created with input from the parent and the student. This is referred to as a Support Plan and is reviewed at least three times each year.
  • A staged integration into Connect may be used to support a smooth transition and, once this has been successful, a staged transition into the mainstream may also be used.
  • Staff at Connect will work closely with a range of agencies and specialist teachers to create a personalised provision to meet individual’s needs.
  • The parents/carers will agree to a fortnightly meeting with their child’s Key Worker for at least the first term whilst they are settling into Connect.

Placement Review

  • A review of the young person’s progress and placement suitability takes place between six to eight weeks after admission. This allows parents and staff to assess areas of concern and areas of success, which is then used to develop an ILP (Individual Learning Plan).

Transport to School

  • Transport can be applied for if parents/carers feel there is in need for support with home to school travel for the young person. Guidance on this can be obtained from the local authority SEN travel team during the admission process.