Principal's Introduction

Welcome to Broadlands Academy and our new website. Broadlands is fast becoming the school of choice in Keynsham and the surrounding areas. We are a small school with old school values. We put the students first, challenging and supporting them every step of the way. Broadlands offers a rich and diverse curriculum, which is reviewed for each year group and for the benefit of each student.

Although we are small, we are growing in numbers fast. We are continually looking for new opportunities to broaden the education of our students, including The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (Bronze and Silver) and the Prudential Cycle Challenge (in which students have coaching support by Dame Kelly Holmes). We believe in going the extra mile and that students should do the same.

The curriculum at Broadlands is designed to build on the transition from primary, through secondary and launch students into the world of education beyond the age of 16. Not having a Sixth Form allows Broadlands to focus support for students from their final weeks in Year 6, targeting additional support for areas such as literacy and numeracy as required. Broadlands has also been awarded the Employability Charter Mark, for the gold standard advice and guidance it provides students in taking the next step beyond secondary education. In January 2018, Broadlands opened it's own nursery school onsite, 'Broadlands Bears' and students who study relevant courses can gain valuable and unique experience within the nursery. We are proud to also say that all students in Year 10 undertake a week of work experience and we believe this is a valuable component to their education and aspirations for the future.

At Broadlands Academy, we believe that learning stretches beyond the classroom. The academy uses state of the art technology and software to support learning. We have our own Lego Learning Centre, with the latest in Lego robotics. We also have our own outside fitness trail and table tennis tables, all available to students at break and lunch. Combined with our fitness gym that opened last year, we believe in the importance of supporting all students physical and mental well-being. Our pastoral system is traditional and very effective, with Tutors, Year Co-ordinators and trained pastoral staff helping students and parents alike. We believe all students are remarkable and have the potential to lead remarkable lives.

We would be delighted to show you around and if you have any questions at all, please contact myself via

James Hall, Principal