Ofsted Information

The aim of this section of the website is to provide additional information for OFSTED and any external visitors that require further detail regarding the progress being made at Broadlands Academy.

Results and Progress 8

The Class of 2018 was a unique year group for Broadlands Academy. These students joined back in 2013, when the school was being proposed for closure by the local council, due to the number of students attending B&NES schools from outside the county. The school was saved, through enormous local support and subsequently academised and joined AET (the Academies Enterprise Trust). Due to the uncertainty at the time, only 35 Year 7 students started in the September of 2013. Over time the year group almost doubled to 53, when they left in 2018 and further context will be provided during an inspection.

Attached below are two sets of data. The first data set is for the whole cohort and the second data set is for the cohort with three target students removed. Broadlands requested these students be removed from the final Progress 8 score for the school, due to their own significant situations. Due to the very small size of the cohort, removing three students from the final data has a significant effect on the overall Progress 8 score.

Data Set 1

Data Set 2

During any inspection we will explain this further and demonstrate how this year group was an anomaly, due to their size and unique situation.

Academy Improvement Plan

Included below is a section from our current Academy Improvement Plan. The purpose of including it in this section of the website is that provides a clear representation of the Academy priorities for the next three years. The unabridged version of the plan will be available upon request.