GCSE Results 2018

Broadlands Academy is celebrating another great year of exam results. Strong results in Maths and English (60% of our students achieving a 4+ or above in English Literature) complement our brilliant science results. Triple Science celebrated getting the top Grade 9, in each science subject.

The breadth of our curriculum offer is important to Broadlands and comes at a time when many schools are restricting the range of subjects students can study. For example, over 71% of students achieved a 4+ or better in Computer Science GCSE (a subject very much in demand at present).

One student in particular requires a special mention, with Olivia Burton coming top of the tree with an incredible six Grade 9s, two Grade 8s and an A*. These are exceptional results which put her within the top students in the country.

Broadlands Academy is becoming the secondary school of choice in the local area and as a result is growing fast.

Well done to all Broadlands students and we look forward to 2019.

J Hall, Principal

GCSE Results 2018