Behaviour and Discipline

Behaviour for Learning statement for all pupils

I must …

1. Take responsibility for my own behaviour at all times

2. Follow instructions promptly and without argument

3. Understand that the choices, actions and decisions I make will lead to consequences and the responsibility for avoiding these consequences lies with me, the pupil, through the decisions I choose to make

4. Allow teachers to teach and other pupils to learn – I understand I do not have the right to disrupt lessons or the learning of others

5. Remain focused on the task that I have been given to do

6. Listen to both staff and my peers with the same courtesy and respect that I would expect from them

7. Move quickly and quietly from lesson to lesson and arrive at lessons on time

8. Have all the required equipment for all lessons

9. Correctly wear the academy uniform at all times

10. Always speak appropriately to everyone and without the need for abusive or offensive language