Curriculum and Subjects

Curriculum Information

Our curriculum has been designed specifically for our students by the talented team of subject-experts at Bexleyheath Academy. Within our curriculum:

  • Students experience a curriculum with social equality and opportunity at its heart; ensuring that students develop an astute awareness of themselves, their peers and their place in the world.
  • Students are met with intensity and rigour in every aspect of their school life and, with no time to waste in the lives of our students, there will be no wasted minutes in the classroom. Teachers will craft intellectually demanding sequences of lessons that meet students with high expectations; sequencing learning for long-term retention and depth of understanding. As a cornerstone of our academy, students will develop a deep, increasingly complex, working knowledge in their chosen areas of study.
  • Students will grow a toolkit necessary to solve in-depth tasks in every subject and, in developing their complexity of thought, they will understand the ability to make links as the foundation of intellect. Students will acknowledge a focus on the progress they are making in terms of knowing more, remembering more and being able to do more.