Temporary Academy Closures

The Academy will attempt to remain open at all times, however there may be occasions when it may have to close whether fully or partially. We will make every effort to keep the Academy open and will only take the decision to close when it is in the interests of safety either on site or while travelling to and from the Academy. Other reasons may include the loss of heating and or power during particularly cold weather. Pre-emptive measures will be in place to make the site safe including the gritting of pathways and advice to students and staff about safety around the site.

Therefore students and parents must presume the Academy is open until confirmed otherwise by the methods explained below.

If students are unable to make it to the Academy, they must phone the absence line as early as possible. Students should make every effort to reach the Academy but should not embark upon hazardous and dangerous journeys.

Before the Academy Day

The intention is to inform parents and students as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary journeys and prevent access to the site if a) site cannot be made safe and b) travel would be dangerous.

The Headteacher will decide if the Academy is to be opened or closed. If closed then, there will be a website message and a Twitter notification indicating levels of closure to parents who have access to this service.

During the Academy Day

If weather deteriorates once the Academy has opened, an assessment will be made by the Headteacher and Site Manager as soon as possible and preferably before midday. If possible, the expectation is that students will travel home independently. Where this is not possible a skeleton staff will remain until all students are off site.

A text message will be sent to parents and information put on the website. Updates will be given to staff, parents and students via the Academy website, advising of the Academy opening or continued closure.

Levels of Closure

Full closure: information about closure will be given as early as practicable but certainly by 7:30 a.m. This will mean that the site is inaccessible. In this situation the Academy will endeavour to ensure that it is open again as soon as possible.

Partial closure: lessons may start for everyone later in the morning to ensure all students and staff can travel safely to the Academy. Specific arrangements will be posted on the website, Twitter and Facebook. The Academy would still be open for those arriving earlier than the posted time.

Only specific year groups may be asked to come in: this may be because not all staff are able to get into work. In this case students who should attend would be prioritised. Students involved with examination courses will be given priority. National examinations will continue if scheduled.

Other Emergency Closures

Unfortunately, there may be times when it will be necessary to close the Academy due to failure of services (i.e. water, electricity) or health issues at which time the same procedures will be followed as above for full or partial closure.