MLD Specialist Provision

Welcome to the Specialist Provision

The Beacon Academy is very proud of its Special Needs Provision, in particular the Specialist Provision attached to the school specifically for children who have moderate learning difficulties (MLD). We can cater for up to 40 children with moderate learning difficulties, divided into 3 key phases.

The classes in our Specialist Provision are:

Miss Ayres teaches Foundation Stage inclusive of Specialist Provision placed children.

Miss Yates teaches the Year 1 Specialist Provision children.

Mr Selfe teaches Year 2 inclusive of Specialist Provision placed children.

Miss Goater teaches Year 3 inclusive of Specialist Provision placed children.

Mr Parker teaches the Year 2, 3 & 4 Specialist Provision class.

Miss Jones teaches the Year 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Specialist Provision class.

Mrs Cross teaches the Year 5 and 6 Specialist Provision class.

Mrs Donna Chapman is our Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion (SENDCo).

Lessons are inclusive and very carefully tailored to the needs of the children within it in addition to learning on learning and catering to our pupil's special needs. Children have the chance to swim every week from the foundation stage. All children are encouraged to participate weekly. Whilst some of our children are local, we also have children from across the county who receive local authority transport to travel to school. The teachers in the unit are supported by an outstanding team of Teaching Assistants, some are assigned to individual children, whilst others support groups of children, taking an active role in the planning and delivery of additional services.

The staff are trained regularly in policies and procedures necessary and essential for working with children with additional needs. Each classroom is well resourced and well organised to help provide our pupils with a happy and safe learning environment. We have a sensory room which is used often, as well as a range of withdrawal rooms for individual or small group tuition. The staff in the unit work closely with a range of Specialist Services to ensure the best provision for children with special needs. These include Autism Outreach, Vision and Hearing Impaired, Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists and the School Nurse Services. As well as this we enjoy close links with the onsite Nursery and other local specialised settings, in addition to the mainstream school.

Our pupils enjoy a broad and balanced cross curricular and inclusive curriculum. We meet the needs of the individual students by adapting lessons to suit their individual education plans, and ensure the content of the lessons is accessible to all our students.

How to apply for a place within the Specialist Provision:

If you have a child with a statement or EHC Plan for Special Educational Needs, specific to Moderate Learning, you would be welcome to come and have a look at our facilities and meet with Mrs Chapman. We encourage all parents to visit the Academy prior to naming our school for your child's provision. This will make sure that you have made the right decision for your child and in addition will have given you the chance to ask all of the questions that you need prior to making this decision. If your child is currently in the specialist placement at the Nursery, the staff at the Centre will provide a full transition for your child. We can be flexible to starting needs of your child, often children begin with part time and build up to full time when both school and home believe that your child is ready to make the transition. It is very important for us that the move into our Specialist Provision is a smooth and happy one.

We are sure that when you chose our placement that you will not be disappointed. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

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