The greatest wealth is health

PE at Beacon is all about opportunities. We want to give our children opportunities to access amazing curricular PE sessions, as well as an extensive extra-curricular programme and a positive message around health and well-being throughout school.

Our PE sessions help children develop a positive attitude towards an active lifestyle as well as reinforcing Beacon's Behaviours for Learning. Children have the chance to demonstrate Respect, Independence, Resilience, Reflecting and Teamwork in an active environment whilst improving their physical and competitive skills.

Pupils have opportunities to compete competitively in both intra and inter-school competitions. As a member of the local School Sports Partnership, Team Charnwood, we have access to a full competition calendar which is supplemented in school at lunchtimes with leagues run by teaching staff.

Our extra-curricular programme is designed to offer a range of sports and activities for all ages, and is delivered by a combination of Beacon staff and external coaching companies such as Premier Sports and Leicester Riders Basketball.

PE Timetable and Clubs

Click on the images to see the Sports clubs available at Beacon and the PE overview for the year

PE and clubs.pdf
Beacon Academy Curriculum Map 2017-18.pdf


As a member of Team Charnwood we enter a variety of inter-school competitions. Click on the competition calendar to see what we're entered into. We also compete every other Monday in an yr 5/6 inter-school football league, see how we're getting on in the league table.

There are also lunchtime football leagues run by Mr Easton and Mr Parker.

Football League PDF.pdf
Beacon Competitions Final.pdf


Assessment is carried out by class teachers half-termly at the beginning of each PE unit. Children complete a 'cold' skills task relating to their upcoming topic at the start of the unit then then a 'hot' task at the end to show progression throughout the half-term. Here is an example of what it looks like.

PE example.pdf