PCAB - Parent & Community Advisory Board

Good governance is a sign of a good school, and a critical component of good academy governance is the effective representation and contribution from all stakeholders in the academy. The term ‘stakeholder’ includes parents and the wider local community: businesses, employers and not-for-profit organizations such as charities, sports and leisure clubs, and faith institutions.

The purpose of the PCAB

The Parent and Community Advisory Board (PCAB) has three key objectives:

  1. Community – a school does not exist independently of its community of local residents. The PCAB acts as a link between the two, ensuring that children benefit from local opportunities for learning, development and employment.
  2. Concerns – No school gets everything right, all the time, and a good school thrives on clear channels of feedback. The PCAB is an independent point of contact for stakeholders to express their concerns and will help people find the appropriate processes and channels to communicate their concerns or complaints. Where trends emerge, the PCAB will help the Headteacher and the Governing Board to find solutions. PCAB members may also support panel hearings where appropriate.
  3. Celebration - championing the strengths and achievements of the academy, recognising that success breeds success, and that it is in everyone’s interests to promote the reputation of the academy and its pupils.

Would you like to join our PCAB?

Delivering PCAB objectives depends on excellent communications, and PCAB members will be good inclusive communicators who make all stakeholders feel that their voice is important and that they have access to information and activities. Creativity, problem-solving initiative, and a positive outlook are also desirable attributes for PCAB members.

If you would like to be a member of our PCAB then please do contact the headteacher on xxxxxx for an initial conversation

PCAB Meeting dates 2019/2020



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