Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs L Dixon

Deputy Headteacher

Mr R Stockwell

Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning

Mrs D Chapman

Assistant Headteacher SENCO

Middle Leadership Team

Mrs K Mann

KS1 Leader

Mrs M Potter

English Leader

Mr D Hardwidge

KS2 Leader

Mr D Froud

Maths Leader

Miss K Jones

Assistant Senco

Mr A Easton

Curriculum Leader

Mrs B Beadle

Nursery Manager

Our Classrooms Teams

Nursery Classes

Ladybird - 2 Year Olds

Room Leader: Janet

Nursery Practitioners: Leah, Clare & Sue

Dragonfly - 3&4 Year Olds

Room Leader: Mel & Jo

Nursery Practitioners: Michelle, Leigh & Sue

Butterfly - Pre-school

Room Leader: Julie

Nursery Practitioners: Ellie and Dave

Caterpillar - Specialist Provision

Room Leader: Alison

Nursery Practitioners: Carole, Stacey & Sarah

Foundation Stage (FS2)

Squirrel - FS2

Class Teacher: Miss Ayres

Classroom Learning Support :

Mrs Jenkins

Mrs O'Connell

Mrs Blake

Hedgehog - FS2

Class Teacher : Mrs Web-Jenkins & Mrs Jagger

Classroom Learning Support:

Miss Garraway

Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & Year 2)

Elm - Year 1

Class Teacher : Mrs Hannabuss

Classroom Learning Support:

Mrs Bowley

Mrs Gurski

Miss Bale

Mrs Corbett

Beach - Year 1

Class Teacher : Miss Yates

Classroom Learning Support:

Mrs Wheatley

Mrs Moreland

Mrs Bowley

Willow - Year 2

Class Teacher : Mrs Man

Classroom Learning Support: Mrs Barton

Chestnut - Year 2

Class Teacher : Mr Selfe

Classroom Learning Support:

Key Stage 2 (Yr 3, Yr 4, Yr 5 & Yr 6)

Wren - Year 3

Class Teacher : Miss Martin

Robin - Year 3

Class Teacher : Mrs Goater

Classroom Learning Support: Mrs Walters

Owl - Year 4

Class Teacher : Mrs Simpkins

Classroom Learning Support:

Mrs Woodford

Jay - Year 4

Class Teacher : Miss Drewry

Classroom Learning Support:

Mr Eldridge

Magpie - Year 5

Class Teacher : Mr Easton

Wagtail - Year 5

Class Teacher : Mrs Potter

Osprey - Year 6

Class Teacher : Mr Hardwidge

Kingfisher - Year 6

Class Teacher : Mr Froud

Classroom Learning Support: Miss Powel

Specialist Provision Classes

Swift - Years 2, 3 & 4

Class Teacher : Mr Parker

Classroom Learning Support:

Mrs Newton

Mrs Buxton

Miss Canacoo

Kestrel - Years 5 & 6

Class Teacher : Mrs Cross

Classroom Learning Support:

Mrs Cox

Mrs Joules


Mrs Henley

Mrs Parmar

Mrs Thomson - EAL Lead

Family Outreach Team

Mrs Fox

Family Outreach Worker

Mrs Buxton

Learning Mentor

Office Team

Mr Dilkes - Finance Officer

Mrs Clark - Office Manager

Miss Powel

Mrs Stretton

Mrs Wright

Mrs Porter

Lunchtime Team

Catering Manager: Mrs Ion

Catering Team

  • Ms Graham
  • Ms Jones
  • Ms Forda Perez
  • Ms Stickley
  • Ms Ralph
  • Ms Ralph
  • Ms Wright

Mrs Stretton - Senior Midday Supervisor

Ms Bexon - Midday Supervisor

Ms Monk - Midday Supervisor

Ms Newton -Midday Supervisor

Ms Lovett - Midday Supervisor

Mrs Islam - Midday Supervisor

Ms Howlett - Midday Supervisor

Ms Bailey - Midday Supervisor

Ms Gjonj - Midday Supervisor

Site Team

Mr Mckay - Operations Supervisor

Mr Moreland - Operations

Mr Humel - Operations

Mrs Bailey - Cleaner

Mrs Monk - Cleaner

Ms Mc Guin - Cleaner

Ms Royston - Cleaner

Ms Matthews - Cleaner

Updated November 2018