Core Values

Beacon Academy - Core Values & Learning Behaviours

Our core values reflect the skills, personalities, moral code and beliefs we endeavour to instil into every one of our children, so that they can play their part as responsible members within the communities in which they live and learn; be that on a local, national or international level.

In encouraging our children with these values we aim to guide them and inform the foundations of equality and mutual respect & tolerance.

Through topic based investigation of collaboration, respect, reflection and kindness we reflect the overarching values of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law.

Beacon Learning Behaviours

The staff at Beacon are committed to ensuring that all children have everything in their learning suitcase they need to be successful for the next stage of their learning journey. Therefore we have developed the Beacon Learning Behaviours to help us recognise the different areas that our children excel in. These learning behaviours are linked with our rewards system; ClassDojo and children receive 'points' when they strive to achieve in a specific area.

Beacon Values

‘Beacons’ are small plastic tokens which are awarded to children who are showing respect, teamwork or are being helpful. These are awarded by all staff and visitors in school mainly during sessions that are not in classrooms.

Every lunchtime and playtime the adults on duty will give out Beacons to children who are showing their best Beacon behaviour. Collected Beacons are exchanged for Dojo points by the class teacher at given points during the day or week.

Class Dojo

Beacon Academy uses ClassDojo to report good behaviour to parents and share the learning we have been doing at school. This is an online programme which requires a login to ensure only parents have access to the posts and it is not public. Please ask you class teacher for a login code.

More information regarding our behaviour system can be found below.

Parent and carers' guide to behaviour at Beacon.pdf

Updated November 2018