Walking to School

Walking is a great way to get to school - it's healthy, free and doesn't create pollution. However, it is important that when we walk to school we remain safe and walk sensibly.

Below you will find some helpful advice and information to share with your children about road safety.

The 'school run' accounts for a large proportion of rush-hour traffic, so, here are some of the key benefits of taking to your feet instead:


Soaring rates of childhood obesity and illnesses such as type 2 diabetes associated with this can be prevented through a healthy dose of walking. In fact, walking helps protect the body from many serious illnesses later on in life. On average around half of all children do not do the minimum one hour a day of physical activity recommended by the Health Education Authority. A brisk walk to school can help them get their daily exercise and arrive at school or home, refreshed and energised.


Walking can have a positive effect on a child’s emotional wellbeing. It can encourage independence, road sense and also be an opportunity to chat with friends.


The average drive to school and back releases 800g of CO2 into the air – enough to inflate over 60 balloons.


Encouraging your child to walk to school will save you money on transport fares or petrol money.

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