Family Support

Child and Family Support Worker

Mrs Lesley Bastow is our child and family support worker.

She helps parents with everyday problems and helps them in contacting the right support.

You can contact her on make an appointment to see her in the office or catch her around school.

Contact: or call into the office to make an appointment

Help and Advice

There is a wealth of advice and articles available on Parent Info, Click the logo to visit their website.

There are also a number of helpful leaflets below, if you would like any further advice, support or just a chat, please contact Lesley.

No. 1 Tips on good listening.pdf
No. 2 How to give children more confidence.pdf
No. 3 Helping children get on with each other.pdf
No. 4 Tips to remember when you need to make a stand.pdf
No. 6 How to deal with difficult situations.pdf
No 7 Tips on dealing with anger.pdf
No. 8 Tips on dealing with dishonesty.pdf
No. 9 Tips on dealing with tantrums.pdf
No. 10 How to help children be good.pdf

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