ICT in Learning

We have a wealth of ICT and computing equipment in our school to support learning both in and out of the school. We are very proud to have achieved the ICT Mark in 2017.

We take E-safety very seriously and train children in every computing lesson about how to manage their online reputation and how to stay safe. For more information about E-safety click here

There are computers in every classroom, (enough for a group), a set of laptops that can be booked out (enough for a class) and a set of iPads in each class. We made the decision to take the ICT to the child, rather than the child to the ICT, so we do not have a designated ICT suite. We use a company called E-safeglobal to support safety in the school by logging key strokes and generating reports, for SLT to deal with.

Our school uses DBPrimary learning platform to share work with home, complete homework and as a purpose for writing. Your child will have their own login details and can access their account at school and at home. Click here to login

Through the DBPrimary learning platform children can access Espresso, which has a wealth of clips and activities to support the curriculum - it is used in lessons and sometimes for homework (we run a homework cafe for children and their parents to drop-in and get support). Click here for more information

We use IXL maths program for KS2 children in school and home, which allows children to practice and contextualize maths in solving problems with rewards and explanations, when incorrect. Each child has their own login details. Click here to login