International Links

International Links at Barton Hill Academy

Erasmus +

Barton Hill Academy are proud to share our good practice by hosting teachers from other schools Nationally and Internationally. In the past two years we have welcomed teachers from Turkey, Finland, France, Slovakia and The Netherlands. The teachers have spent time in our school job-shadowing the teachers and working alongside the children. We have recently been fortunate to be successful in our application to participate in a 2 year project 2017-19 called ‘Proud to be Me’ in collaboration with schools in Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal.


We have been working on a number of school to school projects with other schools in Europe since 2008. The project aimed to help young people and educational staff better understanding of the range of European cultures, languages and values. The school won a national etwinning prize for this project in addition to a European Quality Label.


eTwinning promotes school collaboration in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools and services for schools. eTwinning also offers opportunities for free and continuing online Professional Development for educators. Barton Hill Academy has received two European Quality Labels in addition to a number of national etwinning Quality Labels for various projects.

Visit the Proud to be me eTwinning TwinSpace HERE

Visit the Empathy towards Bullying eTwinning Twinspace HERE

Connecting Classrooms

Barton Hill have been fortunate to participate in the Connecting Classrooms project with our partner school from Chengdu in China. The children have been collaborating together on various projects. The children have also received high quality teachers from the Chinese teachers during a recent visit to our school, one of the teachers is a famous calligrapher in his country.

Ambassador Work

Mrs Farrell is an Ambassador for the British Council and was chosen due to the commitment from our school in our International Work. This enables the school to network with other like-minded teachers internationally and share good practice. It has also provided international CPD opportunities. Mrs Bell attended a European Conference in Athens during October Half Term and Mrs Farrell attended a European e-safety workshop in Brussels.