Student Leadership

“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.”

– John Maxwell

Aylward Academy Student Union

Student Union Vision

We recognise that our students have a valuable contribution to make within our school and local community and encourage them to take an active role in our school. At Aylward Academy our student union vision is to empower students to be advocates for their learning, united in their efforts and leaders that actively change the world.

Student Union Aims

At Aylward, we believe that young people are the leaders of tomorrow. As a school, we seek real opportunities to enable students to experience leadership and to develop their leadership potential. Through the Aylward Academy, Student Union pupils are provided with the opportunity to work collaboratively to build a culture of unity and generosity, but most importantly to develop and enrich students with the fundamental skills and knowledge to find their remarkable.

Student Union Ethos

We are the Aylward Student Union.

We are leaders and proud.

We are exceptional beyond measure- not because we say it, but because we work hard at it.

We work collaboratively but equally can excel independently.

We lead by example

We celebrate each other, raise each-other and build each other, so we can succeed together.

We are resilient, rising to the challenge.

We respect ourselves and, in doing so, respect all people.

We are diverse, breeding creativity.

We are responsible for our school, community and the world.

We are professional,

We are honourable

We are remarkable

We are the remarkable students of Aylward Academy

How is leadership developed within the Student Union?

Our students are given a range of opportunities and training to take on responsible roles. All of our students are encouraged to involve themselves in both Aylward Academy and the local community.

The Student Union Leadership team is selected each year by the students and staff through an election-style campaign and voting system. Students are encouraged to apply to be a member of the leadership team. This consist of a Senior Leadership team (Sixth Form) and Junior Leadership (Year 11). Students put themselves forward as candidates for Head Pupil, Prefect and an Ambassador. They then go through a rigours process of selection to move forward onto the campaign stage. At which point successful candidates make presentations to the lower school as well as the Sixth Form via assemblies, outlining their aims, vision and values for the future. The whole school vote results in the Senior and Junior Head pupils being elected into their posts.

To ensure wide participation of the student body there is also an opportunity for form representation and Subject Ambassadors. Form groups elect a form representative to express views and opinions of their form and year group. Each year group form reps are attached to the Union leadership team, who will support that year group over the academic year. Subject Ambassadors represent subject departments, lead learning and projects in their respective areas.

The Student Union team is pivotal to the running of the School. The team chairs Executive Committee meetings and whole school union meetings with form reps and ambassadors. At Aylward Academy, student voice is a central part of the development of the school and the Student Union is a vital part of this process. This is why our Principal and Directors of Learning regularly meet with the Student Union, in order to provide an opportunity for students views to be heard and actioned.

In order to further reflect our union ethos; in Sixth Form we expect all of our Year 12 students to complete a minimum of 20 hours of voluntary service to a member of staff, student or group of students. All sixth formers are encouraged to volunteer to help with Aylward Academy events and within the community, in order to develop their transferable skills. These experiences will enhance their CVs and UCAS applications, ready for their life after Sixth Form.

What fundamentally drives this union is giving back and being big-hearted. Our union stands for unity, pride and commitment and we aim to unite the entire student body to work hard on helping every student find their remarkable.