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World Book Day Author Visit

We celebrated World Book Day with a visit at the start of the week from local author, Non Pratt. She worked with pupils throughout the day and rounded her visit off with an assembly of all year 9 pupils. At lunchtime Farzana and Dana interviewed Non, what did they find out? Non says there is always a "significant haircut" in all of her books and she likes to read books with a little bit of fantasy in

Shakespeare for Schools

Click here to read more about the annual Shakespeare for Schools Festival flagship project and the world’s largest youth drama festival in November 2018, where our GCSE Drama students took to performing Macbeth Shakespeare on a professional stage at the Arts Depot.


"I was really impressed by the creativity and behaviour of the kids. So great to see! "

- Author, Matt Oldfield

Author Matt Oldfield writes exciting and fun football biographies. On January 15th 2019 we were honoured to have with us throughout the day delivering an assembly to all Year 7 students and workshops throughout the day. His assembly and workshops helped pupils improve their literacy skills as well as developing their resilience. Click here to read more.

Literacy Enrichment

Click here to read more about the amazing work our Years 7, 8 and 9 have been doing in order to improve their reading skills, including our invite-only 'Millionaire’s Tea Party' to recognise Year 7 pupils’ success and our 'First Story Writing Workshop' in collaboration with charity 'First Story' and resident author - Danielle Jawondo.