School Payments Online

Paying for Cashless Catering, School Trips & Other One-off Events

ParentPay is the school’s preferred method of payment that lets you make secure online payments for your child’s cashless catering account, school trips and other one-off school related events by credit and debit card. Alternatively you can pay in cash at local stores throughout the PayPoint network.

How do I use ParentPay?

If you are responsible for a student at Aylward Academy, at the start of the academic year you were sent letters with your activation username and password for ParentPay.

When you register for the first time you will use your email address as your username and create a memorable password.

If you already have an account with ParentPay, you can use the activation code to add a child to your account. Look for the Add a child tab once you log in to ParentPay.

  • Please note that once you have activated your child’s ParentPay account, and you have added money for their meals, it can take up to 1 hour before it appears on your child’s cashless catering account. You can set up a low balance alert on your ParentPay account to notify you if your child’s balance drops below a certain amount.

How can I pay for items if I can’t go online?

If you cannot pay online, you can ask the school to produce a Barcode Letter for you. You need to take the Barcode Letter to your local PayPoint store and make a cash payment for the service. Your payment will be recorded against your child on the school’s ParentPay system. To find you nearest store click on:

Olive Dinning

School Catering & Menus

Olive Dining is proud to be the chosen caterer at Aylward Academy. We have a proven track record of providing nutritious food that students love to eat. Each school that we cater for is treated individually so that the Aylward students will be spoilt for choice with our food offer designed specially to suit their requirements. We know that there is proven links between regular good nutrition and attainment in school so our offer starts at the very beginning of the day, before the lessons have begun.

For more information about our catering including Menus and prices please click here.