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Welcome to Aylwards Covid-19 Home Learning Response

Aylward Academy- Parent Wellbeing and Support

This page has been designed to offer support and guidance to you and your families during the Coronavirus period.

We understand that every household is different; families across the country are overcoming a range of challenges and adapting to new ways of working. We want Parents to feel supported and connected whilst their child is working remotely. We have therefore included a range of websites, helplines and learning resources that may be of use to you and your child to support general wellbeing and learning from a distance.

My child’s learning and progress:

What should my child be doing whilst learning from home?

  • Students are expected to follow their normal school timetable.

  • Lessons are delivered through Google Classroom which students can access via RMUnify Students are given the opportunity to ask questions during these sessions and are required to submit work online.

  • Reading plays a vital role across all key stages. Students are being sent daily articles from The Day. to read and quiz on via our Accelerated Reader programme.

  • Your child will be issued an assessment task every half-term in each subject (called an ILT - Identified Learning Task). It is vital that your child completes this ILT work in order to gain feedback from their teacher on their learning so far and minimise any knowledge gaps moving forward.

Parent Well being and Support

The document above offers full support and guidance to you and your families during the Coronavirus period.

Guides & Support

Using Google Classroom

The presentation guide to the right explains how students can access lessons, add a class and upload assignments from home.

For further support students and parents can also visit our dedicated 'Google Classroom' page from the homepage or by clicking the button below.

Parent Guide to Google Classroom

Other Useful Academy Links