11th - 15th March

Aylward Academy will be celebrating 'British Science Week' with their very own 'Science Week Extravaganza'!!

There will be a week (11th - 15th March) filled with jam packed fun and crazy activities that will get the adrenaline going. We have got bath bomb, slime, the chicks, make your own scientific ice cream and much much more going on. We also have many special guests popping in to have conversations with you, including double Doctor, Dr Dr Anna Rose and Mr Chris Ninnes from Facebook.

Science week is a celebratory event recognising the beautiful subject and we would like as many of you to participate as possible.

For more information regarding tickets, see Ms Roy in SG37.

GET INVOLVED.............

Lunchtime Activities

Hands on Fire

Foaming Fountains

Meet the Chicks

Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Make Your Own Ice Cream

Afterschool Q&A Sessions

  • Meet Mr Chris Ninnes: Data Scientist at Facebook
  • Meet Dr Dr Anna Rose : Research Doctor in children's cancer at Jo Radcliffe Hospital

Week Activity Schedule

To sign up and for more information see Ms Roy in SG37