"Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don't understand the language that you're singing in, they still know good music when they hear it."

- Lou Rawls

At Aylward, we provide a broad range of musical opportunities for all students and strive for ambitious music making.

Music Department Objectives

In the music department we pride ourselves on making music accessible for all, we embed not only the musical skills but also the soft skills that students will use whatever they take on once they leave Aylward Academy. Students are given the opportunity to not only show their creative skills but work together doing this and bringing out the best in each other.

We aim to always

  • Encourage students to make music and work to improve and challenge themselves to achieve their best
  • Give time to create music and working with each other to share their imaginative ideas and visions.
  • Finding different ways to introduce students to live music and different experiences both in school and in the wider community.

Key Stage 3

In Music at Key stage 3, we aim to give students the best possible grounding in the elements of Music with an emphasis on practical work, both performance and composition. Students will have the opportunity to sing and learn to play a number of instruments, including keyboard, guitar and percussion. Students learn to read music and begin to appreciate how the history of music directly affects the music that they listen to. They will also work with computer technology, exploring modern composition techniques. Our schemes of work offer a wide range of genres from Musical Theatre to Pop, and Classical to Blues, appealing to many different tastes. One of our strengths is in encouraging collaboration and creativity in lessons, we aim to give the students lots of time to work in groups developing their own skills within the chosen genre.

KS3 music provides the skills for the students to develop on to KS4. We offer both GCSE and BTEC and choose the course to meet the needs of the students.

Key Stage 4

Students will study towards either a GCSE or Level 2 BTEC in Music for 2.5 hours a week. Both courses require the students to be able to perform on an instrument or sing to a good level. Both courses also have an element of musical composition, students will be asked to write a piece of music, using computer software, to fulfil a given brief.GCSE Students will sit an hour and a half long listening and appraising exam at the end of the course, this will be based on different genres of music, two of which will be set works. It will be essential for GCSE students to be able to read and write music notation. This exam will feature music from the styles studied during the course and will ask questions based around the elements of music including Melody, Rhythm, Sonority, Texture and Harmony.


The subjects in which this course will cover are as followed;

  • Performance – solo and/or group (35% coursework)
  • Composition – one free composition and one to an WJEC set brief (35% coursework)
  • Listening and appraising written paper (30% exam)


Students will also need to complete a one hour exam based on the Music Industry, looking at organisations and job roles in the music industry.

  • Exploring music products and styles
  • Music skills development
  • Responding to a musical brief

Key Stage 5

A-level Music builds on the knowledge and skills gained from GCSE Music as well as musical experience gained outside the classroom. It recognizes the interdependence of different aspects of musical activity such as performing, composition and listening. It encourages students to develop a wide range of transferable skills such as critical thinking, research, communication and team-work.

Students will be assessed through terminal examinations that demonstrate their practical and theoretical knowledge. Music is part of the reformed A Level suite and as such the AS grade will no longer count towards the final A Level grade.


We find extra-curricular music is very important to students, it helps them with their academic progress and social skills. We have visiting peripatetic teachers for one-to-one or small group lessons for piano, singing, violin, guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, steel pans and woodwind. We also offer support with theory exams and encourage students to take grades. Where available students are also encourages to take home instruments to continue their practise. We have received funding from EMI Music to buy more instruments to involves more students in these projects.

We have also have larger groups including school band, glee group and offer music trips to our students. Last year we took our KS4 students to see Opera at ENO, behind the scenes at the Royal Albert Hall and KS3 students sang at the Tower of London. We also took part in the Enfield School’s music concert and our Glee group, working with teachers from the Pineapple dance studio also came second at the Enfield schools glee competition. This year we are also taking part in the Edmonton battle of the bands with students from year 8 and 9. Students will also be able to gain additional recognition as we will be delivering arts award through the extra-curricular programme.

A Day In The Life At The Royal Albert Hall

Musical Instrument Tuition

Aylward Music Department has a number of visiting peripatetic teachers who offer instrument lessons in:

  • Violin, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Singing, Steel Pans, Drum Kit, Saz, Clarinet and Saxophone.

These lessons can be shared or individual, lessons are paid for to cover a whole term of teaching.

Click either the button link below or the form to the right directly to open the 'Musical Instrument Tuition' request form.


  1. Increases Memory Skills
  2. Teaches Perseverance and Creates a Sense of Achievement
  3. Improves Coordination
  4. Improves Math Skills
  5. Improves Reading and Comprehension Skills
  6. Creates Responsibility
  7. Exposes the Student to Culture and History
  8. Nurtures Self-Expressions
  9. Improves Listening Skills
  10. Improves Social Skills
Peterson Family Foundation
Musical Instrument Tution Request Form.pdf

Please return the form to Ms Lunn Head of Music directly or via email

Upcoming Events

6th March 2019

Enfield School's Music Concert.

  • Our school band and singing group will be joining schools from around Enfield for the annual concert at the Millfield. Tickets will be available through the Millfield box office.

12th June 2019

Edmonton Glee Final with The Pineapple Studio

  • Students from the Glee Street Dance group will be taking part in the final with other Edmonton Schools. Venue and ticket informatation to follow

19th June 2019

Edmonton Battle of the Bands

  • Students who have been working with tutors from rock steady music school to create their own band. This performance will take place at the Millfield Theatre

Independent Learning Tasks: Homework is an important part of the curriculum and the use of a projects and sketchbook encourages independence, imagination and good practice. Students should click the Show My Homework icon to login.