Literacy Enrichment

"Literacy unlocks the door to learning throughout life, is essential to development and health, and opens the way for democratic participation and active citizenship."

- Kofi Annan

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Accelerated Reader

Since September, Years 7, 8 and 9 have been working hard in order to improve their reading skills with the support of a programme called Accelerated Reader. Having sophisticated skills in reading helps students to not only appreciate the joy of books, but will also benefit them in all areas of their life and their school career.

Millionaires Tea Party

Last term, students competed in weekly reading competitions for prizes. To recognise Year 7 pupils’ success, Aylward Academy held an invite-only event, the Millionaire’s Tea Party, where students who had made the most reading progress had the opportunity to celebrate their hard work. Students brought in their parents and families to celebrate with tea, cake, games and certificates and prizes presented by the Principal. Well done to everyone!

There is also plenty to get involved with this Spring Term, with more competitions and prizes, World Book Day, the First Story writing workshop, and Harry Potter Book Night - an opportunity to celebrate all things magical about reading!

First Story Writing Workshop

On Friday 18th January, the First Story Writing Workshop was launched at Aylward Academy. We are working with the charity First Story to give students the chance to write their own stories about their lives, and what is important to them.

Aylward Academy students are lucky enough to be working with their own resident author - Danielle Jawondo, who has previously written for Coronation Street and has a new book being published soon.

Students will be working with Danielle until May, by which time they will have created their own stories ready to be published in an official anthology.

The workshop students are incredibly excited about becoming published authors themselves, and there is still plenty of opportunity to take part! If you would like more information, please see Miss Walls.