“The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize, and glean insights that enable him or her to ‘make the invisible visible."

- Hillman Curtis

Technology is constantly impacting on our lives by evolving and transforming the way we live through innovative ideas. Students are guided through diverse and challenging situations so that designs evolve to become precise, accurately made artefacts using resistant and compliant materials.

Design Technology Department Objectives

Have you ever wondered . . .

  • What Designers and Engineers actually do?
  • How things move or work in our ever-changing society?
  • How you can design products to support user empathy and User-Centered Design?
  • How does the Design Process work in the industry?
  • How products are designed with the user in mind?

The Design and Technology department aims to allow our students the opportunity as junior designers to explore the role of design, design ideas and develop their creative potential across a range of material areas; including Product Design Graphic Design, Resistant Materials and Engineering.

Building on previously covered skills and knowledge, Design and Technology at secondary level focuses on the use of more sophisticated resourcing, including; specialist teaching environments, manufacturing equipment and a more individual approach to.

We encourage innovative independent thinking, collaboration and problem-solving – key skills, which will be of benefit for the rest of their lives. Our aims are to encourage all our students to participate in and discover how to appreciate our multi changing technological society. Design is a very “hands-on” subject with lots of practical work, where students can gain satisfaction from producing prototypes from designs they have created. Our students will build a large practical skill and knowledge base from working with a wide range of materials, tools and equipment and experts from industries.

Our Design Facilities

Aylwards' young designers, will be have the opportunity to be exposed to the following design facilities.

  • 2 Fully Equipped Large design workshops
  • 1 Mac Suite with the latest software for CAD and AutoCAD and Adobe software.
  • Laser Cutting, CNC machinery and 3D Printing facilities
  • Metal Lathes
  • Epson widescreen interactive whiteboards
  • Ipads and Laptops with the latest CAD software.

We also have a strong link to London South Bank University, School of Engineering, Product and Engineering Courses.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 & Year 8 Design Technology is taught on a rotation with Food Studies.

Design and Technology absorbs pupils from all backgrounds, flaring their creativity as they engage with designing and making prototypes that solve real-life problems, whilst considering the needs, wants and values of identified primary users and stakeholders.


In Year 9 students who wish to develop their understanding of Design and Technology will focus on building those core design principles through a range of practical based briefs through the development of prototypes and a range of modelling and machine-based product manufacture.

Key Stage 4

Students will study towards a GCSE in Design and Technology.

Design and Technology are suited to students who have a desire to design and make high-quality prototypes through a range of modelling and machine-based product manufacture.

In Year 10 students will develop your deeper understanding of the principles of Design with some basic Engineering before moving onto an ‘major’ project set by the exam board to showcase the skills they have developed.

In Year 11 students will complete the externally set NEA assignment (Non- Examined Assessment) and study towards the written examination.

NEA Coursework

50% of total qualification


50% of total qualification

1hr 45min Written Exam Assessment.

Independent Learning Tasks: Homework is an important part of the curriculum and the use of a projects and sketchbook encourages independence, imagination and good practice. Students should click the Show My Homework icon to login.