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"Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the answers. And the wonderful thing is that once a child learns to use a library, the doors to learning are always open."

- Laura Bush

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At Aylward Academy we take reading seriously and have 2 libraries, the Book Loft for Years 7-11 and the LRC for Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form). They both provide places to sit quietly, read, do homework and get involved with various clubs and activities. We welcome book recommendations and ideas from pupils, we like them to get involved.



Key Stage 3 pupils (year 7 and 8) take a reading test 4 times a year and are directed to books which fit with their reading ability. We use the Renaissance Accelerated Reader programme.

Pupils are expected to read for a minimum of 30-minutes every day during DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time and we expect pupils to continue reading every evening and at weekends. The Book Loft has a wide variety of books, something for everyone!

Library rules

Eating, drinking, chewing and the use of electronic devices, e.g. mobile phones, are not permitted in the Book Loft.

What we’ve got

Books including fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, newspapers, computers and laptops. Computers can be used for homework and taking the Accelerated Reader test and quiz.


  • Lunchtime

A variety of clubs take place including Book Club, Excelsior Book Club (graphic novel award), Carnegie Book Club and Poetry Club.

  • After school

Homework club is hosted in the Book Loft on Tuesday and Thursday; all pupils are welcome to come along if they need extra help with their homework.

  • Scholastic Book Club

The Academy is a member of Scholastic Book Clubs. This gives parents and pupils the opportunity to order books at a discounted rate.

SIXTH FORM : Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Our Sixth Form students enjoy access to first-rate resources and working spaces. The dedicated Sixth Form Learning Resource Centre is fully-equipped with a suite of computers, over 100 laptops which can be borrowed, space for private study and a range of books and resources that are designed for the study of the courses that we offer.

The LRC is also equipped with a RISO photocopier and printer. Sixth formers are also provided with a monthly printing and photocopying allowance to ensure that they can develop into independent and resourceful learners.


Opening times:

  • 8:00am – 4:00pm (Monday to Thursday)
  • 8:00am – 3:30pm (Friday)


  • Ms Davenport – Librarian
  • Ms Amankwa – Library Assistant
  • Pupil Librarians: We have a keen team of Pupil Librarians helping us issue books, create displays and recommend new books for the Book Loft.

Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated reader is a literacy enhancement programme that enables us to monitor pupils’ reading progress. To find out more click here.

How it works:

Every term all year 7, 8 and 9 students in the Academy undertake a Star Reading Test, which is a diagnostic reading assessment tool. The test is made up of 34 questions and once completed provides us with the details of the pupils’ reading range and Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). The ZPD guides pupils to a range of books which they will understand.

After a pupil reads a book, that pupil is required to fill in their Reading Passport provided by the Academy and then take a computerised quiz either in the Book Loft or at home through the school website. At the end of each quiz the pupil will see the result of the quiz; we are aiming for 80-100% on each quiz.

Reading regularly and within a ZPD not only improves a pupils reading but supports good progress across all subjects.


Matt Oldfield

"I was really impressed by the creativity and behaviour of the kids. So great to see! "

- Author, Matt Oldfield

Author Matt Oldfield writes exciting and fun football biographies. On January 15th 2019 we were honoured to have with us throughout the day delivering an assembly to all Year 7 students and workshops throughout the day. His assembly and workshops helped pupils improve their literacy skills as well as developing their resilience.

During tutor time he was interviewed and photographed by students for the school magazine.


  • Bouncing Back from Setbacks

During P1 & P2 Matt delivered a workshop linked to our PSHE themes - resilience and growth mindset. Using Gareth Bale’s early injury problems as inspiration, the kids used description, dialogue and structure to write their own stories of bouncing back from setbacks.

  • England's World Cup Heroes

During P3 he ran a workshop with an invited group of pupils who had either read his books, were part of the girls football club or had worked hard at accelerated reader. This was a fun opportunity for students to relive and retell England's amazing 2018 World Cup adventure through the stories of 4 of their heroes: Harry Kane, Jordan Pickford, Harry Maguire and Kieran Trippier. With the help of videos, books and articles, they brought the key moments to life by describing the atmosphere, action and emotion.

World Book Day

Non Pratt

We celebrated World Book Day with a visit at the start of the week from local author, Non Pratt. She worked with pupils throughout the day and rounded her visit off with an assembly of all year 9 pupils. At lunchtime Farzana and Dana interviewed Non, what did they find out? Non says there is always a "significant haircut" in all of her books and she likes to read books with a little bit of fantasy in.

Further Enrichment

Beyond the curriculum there are regular features such as reading support, performance poetry and Dramatic Performances - click on the links below to see some of our recent events and celebrations.