Safeguarding & Wellbeing During Home Learning

Safeguarding protocols for online learning

For pupils accessing remote learning:

  • Pupils should follow the instructions here to log into their g suite account and access their google classroom set up by their teacher.
  • If pupils have forgotten their password, they should contact Ms Lunn :
  • By logging into g suite, or Chromebook, any online activity can be tracked through eSafe and any exposure to unsuitable exposure to dangerous or inappropriate material, either accidental or intentional can be quickly identified and actioned.
  • Pupils and parents must be reminded of the ICT code of conduct in place with regards to password and account security; appropriate use of the internet. For further support click here.
  • The classroom must be accessed in an appropriate space at home i.e. not a bedroom.
  • Pupils must be appropriately dressed throughout.
  • Where pupils are receiving live conferencing online tuition through ‘My Tutor’ or 'Google Meet' for example, it is highly recommended that a family member or carer is present throughout the tutorial session.
  • Remind pupils about how to stay safe online and ensure that parents are directed to safer internet guidance e.g.

Online video safety

Thinkuknow parents help-sheet primary

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Safeguarding concerns during Academy Closure

Aylward Academy is committed to safeguarding all of our students during this period of enforced closure.

If you have a safeguarding concern during this period of enforced closure, please contact Ms Skarpellis – DSL Lead on the following number or email and you will receive a response as soon as possible: / 07740933487

Pupils and parents/carers are reminded of the ICT Code of Conduct in place with regards to appropriate use of the internet. The following videos/websites should ensure that parents are directed to safer internet guidance:

Online video safety:

Responding to the closure of the Academy

In the event that the decision is taken to close the Academy, teaching and learning will be sustained through online lessons and activities to ensure that teachers and their students are able to work remotely. The Academy has collected information from staff and students with regards to access to IT equipment at home, and has made appropriate plans for equipment to be loaned where required.

Members of the Senior and Middle Leadership Team will be allocated to coordinate the provision of online teaching and learning. These members of staff are listed below and are contactable by telephone or email.