Extended Enrichment

Beyond the Curriculum

Effective schools are characterised by a high level of extra-curricular provision and involvement on the part of students and staff. Aylward provides a large range of enrichment activities beyond the classroom throughout the academic year as well as many after school activities, including; sports, drama, arts, literacy, languages and more.

The opportunities for leadership, public speaking, performance, creative expression, sports and outdoor activities are many and varied and coupled with our focus on supporting the individual, the result is that students feel happy, and are given the confidence to run their own race – to embrace challenges, to be grounded, resilient and to flourish in whatever walk of life they may choose.

Our extensive and varied range of activities to suit all students’ needs and continue to add new activities to maximise student involvement. Extra-curricular activities provide a great way for students to develop skills away from the classroom, whether sporting or academic. They also provide opportunities for staff to work with students in a different context, which generally leads to a positive influence on teaching relations within the classroom. Participation among our students is highly recommended.

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