Uniform at Aylward Academy

School uniform and a smart appearance are very important to Aylward Academy. The wearing of uniform indicates pride in personal appearance, and reflects acceptance of shared goals and support for the values the Academy seeks to achieve and is designed with all students in mind and is smart, comfortable and economical.  

Uniform is one of the outward signs by which the local community recognises and makes judgements about our students and it is important that our students present themselves in a positive, professional way that conveys a disciplined and well-ordered learning environment.  

Smart uniform ensures that all students are prepared for work both in school and beyond. It is important therefore that parents/carers and students understand the following information :

We expect parents to endorse these principles and support the school to ensure the uniform code applies to every student. 

Please note that Aylward Academy makes the final decision as to what is or is not acceptable in all aspects of a student’s appearance.

Students arriving at school without the correct uniform will be refused entrance and returned home at parents’ expense. It is parents’ responsibility to ensure that their child changes into appropriate school uniform so that they can be readmitted to school.

Specialist subjects such as the Sciences, Art and Technology may require protective clothing, about which staff will advise students. If a student does not wear the recommended protective clothing, the school cannot accept responsibility for any damage to other clothing.

Our uniform can be purchased from Lyons School Shop (Uniform4kids) details below. To access the current uniform list and prices please click here.

Any parent/carer who has any issues with purchasing any items of uniform should contact the academy as we may be able to support with second-hand items.

Our full detailed uniform and expectations policy can be found as part of our Behaviour Policy (Part B) below which outlines the items of uniform that are required and items that are prohibited :

Uniform Expectations :

Required Items

Sports Kit 

Required Items

Optional Items

Optional Items

Branded/sports hooded tops or jackets are not considered a coat and are not permitted and will be confiscated if seen worn indoors

Items marked with an asterisk (*) must be purchased from Lyons School Shop (address above).

Any parent/carer who has any issues with purchasing any items of uniform should contact the academy as we may be able to support with second-hand items.  

Additional Expectations :

Makeup, Nails & fake eyelashes:

The rules are very clear. If any student is deemed to be wearing excessive make-up they will be asked to remove it. Persistent offenders will risk further sanctions.

We expect all students to:


Rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets should not be worn. Other body piercings such as eyebrow, nose, lip are not permitted.

Smart watches are not permitted.