Principal's Welcome

Mr Remo Iafrate

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as the Principal of Aylward Academy.

At Aylward Academy, we hold a strong belief that education has the power to change children’s lives and that every child has the right to receive an excellent education. We also believe that students should be nurtured as individuals so that their unique personalities, talents and interests are developed to the full.

We are a school of 1400 students with students from Year 7 through to Year 13. Our Year 7 students who joined us in September have embraced the excitement and challenge of finding their way around our school and engaging with our new and inspiring Year 7 curriculum. They have told us that they really like their new teachers; that they are enjoying the variety of different subjects and that they are making lots of new friends. It has been a highly positive start to their learning journey with us.

The learning journey at Aylward Academy typically ends with our students in the sixth form obtaining excellent results in their examinations having studied a wide range of academic and vocational subjects. These examination results are above national averages and allow our students to attend their chosen university or a pathway into training, work or apprenticeships.

I strongly encourage you to visit our wonderful school. You will see that students in every year group take pride in being a member of our wonderfully diverse community. If you are unable to visit us, our website will tell you more about the learning opportunities offered at Aylward Academy and more about how we teach each subject. As a large school our subjects are taught by specialist teachers with specialist facilities that are state of the art and will support your child with their learning. Our teachers believe that there should be no barriers to learning which is why we have the highest expectations of our learners and believe that every child can succeed without limits.

At Aylward Academy, we firmly believe that a rich provision of extra-curricular opportunity benefits our students enormously and allows every child to contribute in their own way. This is why we why we create opportunities outside of lesson time to allow our students to thrive in the fields of sport, music, art and drama.

I do hope that you see evidence of our strong pastoral system too. Our pastoral system allows students to join a bigger family group where they can celebrate their learning with other students. Our pastoral system also gives all students lots of opportunities to develop their understanding of the Aylward Attributes – Respect, Professionalism, Independence, Collaboration, Resilience and Creativity. These attributes very much form part of our identity at Aylward and help our students as they grow into young men and women to develop their confidence, self-esteem, sense of responsibility and awareness of others in preparation for the wider, rapidly changing world.

I hope our website provides you with the information you require. If you wish to visit us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I very much look forward to meeting you. In particular, I hope to be able to work with you in partnership over the coming years. Together, we can ensure that your son or daughter has the very best education to help them succeed in later life.