Associate Member


The Art & Photography Department

Aylward Academy is pleased and proud to receive The Prince’s Teaching Institute Mark for 2018/19 as an Associate Member on behalf of the Art & Photography Department.

The Prince's Teaching Institute : Art

The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI) launched the Schools Programme in 2007 to recognise and reward school departments that develop inspirational ideas and activities which enhance the teaching of Art, English, Geography, History, Latin, Modern Foreign Languages, Music and Science, regardless of their pupils’ backgrounds or abilities. It is run as a membership group for school departments that choose to commit to increasing the challenge of their subject provision.

​The Art, Design & Photography department originally received the Mark in recognition of work that was inspired by membership of the Schools Programme which they carried out in 2015 led by Ms E Soyal the Head of Faculty, and has continued to successfully be awarded each year to date and are now an Associate Department Member.

The PTI’s Schools Programme is open to all state secondary schools in England. To become members, school departments must demonstrate their commitment to increasing teachers’ subject knowledge, and to furthering their students’ understanding of and enthusiasm for the subject, regardless of their background or ability. To achieve the PTI Mark, departments then have to demonstrate that they have increased the challenge within their subject curriculum; developed their staff’s own specialist subject knowledge; developed subject-based links outside school; and enthused their pupils through subject-based activities beyond the curriculum. After three years of Schools Programme membership, departments may choose to become Associate Departments by devising an advanced multi-year programme in one of these areas. As Associate Departments they will share their growing expertise with others in the Schools Programme to the benefit of all.

The Schools Programme recognises and facilitates the achievement of excellence in schools and is an expansion of the annual Summer Schools run by The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI). In order to become members of the Schools Programme, schools must consider particular criteria for excellence within subject specialist provision:

  • Clear commitment to the subject specialism

  • Evidence of a high level of pupil engagement and attainment in the subject

  • Pupils’ access to a range of extra-curricular activities related to the subject, both within school and off-site

  • Subject-based links and partnerships with other schools and areas of the community

  • Breadth and depth of study, ensured through coherent planning and monitoring

  • Coherence and challenge, identified and developed in curriculum planning and delivery

  • Departmental commitment to subject-based Continuing Professional Development

  • Effective and inspiring teaching.

The school’s Head of Department decides how his/her departmental plan for the forthcoming year can be enriched through ideas gained from participation at a Prince’s Teaching Institute Schools Programme Day or Summer School. A written application form is reviewed by teachers from other schools who work with The Prince’s Teaching Institute, and the objectives for the department are mutually agreed. The PTI Mark is given at the end of the year for departments that achieve their objectives.

More than 1900 teachers have attended the Summer Schools since the first Prince of Wales Education Summer School was held in 2002. Alumni of the Summer Schools who have chosen to join the Schools Programme meet annually at PTI Schools Programme Days. In addition, PTI Regional Events are organised across the country, bringing together local teachers, academics and eminent speakers and writers. The PTI also organises an annual conference for Headteachers and in 2011/12 launched a Schools Leadership Programme for Heads and their senior leadership teams.

The PTI was constituted in 2006 as a registered charity (1116224) to provide more systematic support for teachers. It works in strategic partnership with the University of Cambridge.

Ms Soyal, Head of The Arts & Technology Faculty, said, ‘We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the PTI Mark for the innovative work of the department for the fourth consecutive Year and we are proud to be an Associate member and carry the mark on our website as evidence of our commitment to inspirational teaching.’

Through her commitment and continuous work with as a CPD Coordinator of Art for the PTI, Ms Soyal is also now the Co-Stream Residential Designer for the PTI.

​For the complete list of Schools Programme members, see