School Meals

Olive Dining

At Aylward we work in partnership with our catering contractor Olive Dining who have been providing the school meals since 2014. Olive have an unwavering belief in delivering fresh, nutritious and innovative meals to the pupils and staff at the Academy.

The menus they offer are bespoke to our school and based around what the students like and what the current food trends are - but always keeping within the legislative demands made by the Government

Olive Dining

School Dining Schedule


  • Breakfast- serving an array of hand held hot items with juice or a hot drink for 50p


  • Morning break- A variety of healthy snacks and drinks to stave off the hunger pangs. Prices range from 40p-£1.40


  • Lunch- A choice of traditional meals and our unique fusion bar

Main Meal Prices

  • £2.30 Hot meal deal which includes a main meal plus a choice of dessert or drink.
  • £2.30 Cold meal deal which includes a choice of premium baguettes plus a cold dessert or drink.

Olive Dining hold the prestigious Soil Association Food For Life Gold Accreditation.This means all eggs are free range, they do not use genetically modified food, no trans fats or undesirable additives, no endangered fish is used and all animal welfare standards are met.

85% of their food is freshly prepared on site and all their suppliers have appropriate food safety standards in place. Their menus will meet the dietary and cultural needs of their customers

The Olive Dining team are experienced and highly motivated because every day they can see the impact their great food has on our students

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If your child has any specific needs or you would like further information then please do contact us.

Tel: 01959 564700