Year 6

Latest News and Events for Year 6

Below you will find information and photos from our latest events and work in the classroom.

Science Week

For our science week, Year 6 investigated if the size of shadows can be changed. A fair test was set up to see what happened to the size of the shadow, when an opaque object was near to or far from a light source. The children also repeated their test to look at the reliability of their initial results.

World Book Day

What will Year 6 be learning - Spring 1.docx

Spring Term

Year 6 Medium Term Plan Spring Term 1.docx

Spring Term Curriculum Plan

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Year 6 - Spy Day

To celebrate the end of our topic, 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', the children took part in a Spy Day on Monday 17th December. They completed a range of tasks that involved using the skills that a secret agent might need. We did the following tasks:

- We developed techniques for memorising and recalling information;

- We learned about the language of espionage;

- We made a 'Caesar Cipher' and wrote coded messages for each other to solve using a given key;

- We used Ordnance Survey map reading skills to track down 26 items of intelligence that had been hidden around the school grounds.

Enjoy our pictures from the day, but remember - they are For Your Eyes Only.

Ashingdon Memorial Park.

Our Junior Leadership Team attended the opening ceremony of the new play equipment at Ashingdon Memorial Park. We attended because our school council had helped with ideas and designs.

Blackout Poetry

Blackout Poetry

As part of history week the children have been writing blackout poems.

The children chose a text and then selected words from the page to create their own original poetry.

Junior Leadership Team

Today our junior leadership team visited Ashingdon church. They learnt all about the history of the church and its beautiful stained glass windows. Also while they were there they discussed about having the Year 6 pupils visit every Christmas to take part in carol singing.

Junior Leadership Team

Meet our new head and deputy head boys & girls

Year 6 Pupil Council

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Autumn Term


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Letter to Pupils - SATS

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Summer Term