Year 5

Latest News and Events for Year 5

Below you will find photos from our latest events and work in the classroom.

In our Chocolate teams we decided on some initial ideas and flavours. We start by smelling and looking at the chocolate. Then using our taste buds and sense of smell we taste the chocolate. We then took a small bite and let it melt on our tongues, then tried different combinations of flavour. We completed a ratings grid and then a star profile used by professional tasters.

Year 5 Pupil Council

Autumn 1 Newsletter.pdf

Autumn 2018

German Exchange Visit

Year 5 were joined by Patricia whilst she was on her German Exchange Visit. We had a lovely time teaching her lots of English and all about her country, and she taught us a lot too. We miss her lots!

Yr 5 Book Day

World Book Day

Year 5 went all out for World Book Day!