Ashingdon Primary Academy makes its best better each day thanks to the efforts of its teaching staff, support staff, administration and site management staff. Staff as at March 2018 are :


Mr. I. Barton - Executive Headteacher

Mrs. H. Pasquale - Head of School

Class Teachers

Mrs H Austin

Mrs. H. Waller

Mrs. C. Apps

Mr. L. Robertson (Senior Leadership Team)

Miss. M Steff

Mrs. C. O'Dell

Mrs. K. Overing (SENCO & Senior Leadership Team)

Mrs. H. Davis (Cover Teacher)

Mrs. H. Frost (Cover Teacher)

Mrs. H. Morgan (Cover Teacher)

Office Staff

Mrs. S. Brown - Administation Assistant

Mrs. M. Wallace - Administation Officer

Mrs. L. Collings - HR & Finance Officer

Mr. J. Barker - ICT Technician

Kitchen Staff

Mrs. M. Cutbush - School Chef

Mrs. C. Vaughan - Assistant Chef

Site Staff

Mr. M. Holmes - Site Manager

Learning Support Staff

Miss. C. Hunt

Miss. N. Lloyd

Mrs. L. May

Mrs. A. Onslow

Mrs. L. Taylor

Miss. L. Bishop

Mrs. H. Christon

Mrs. J. Golder (HLTA)

Mrs. W. Harris

Mrs. N. Hewer

Midday Staff

Mrs. N. Padgham - Midday Supervisor

Mrs. L. Bamber - Midday Assistant

Mrs. J. Barling - Midday Assistant

Miss. L. Bishop - Midday Assistant

Miss. K. Byers - Midday Assistant

Mrs. M. Fogg - Midday Assistant

Mrs. N. Sharp - Midday Assistant

Mrs. D. Spencer-Playford - Midday Assistant

Mrs. S. Gibson - Midday Assistant