Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Behaviour is good at Anglesey because we work hard to ensure that everyone understands what is expected. We encourage children to make the right choices and we talk calmly to the children about the consequences of their choices. We have a clear behaviour system which all staff implement. We focus on rewards and praise – we discourage anger and raised voices. Children have the opportunity to earn tally points for positive behaviour and attitude, which they can save up to swap for a Golden Ticket. This, in turn, can then be swapped for prizes from our Golden ticket shop.

Children also look forward to our regular 4 A's assemblies, where they are chosen by staff and children for the positive contributions they have made during the week.

We work closely with parents to encourage a positive partnership when promoting and maintaining good behaviour. Where behaviour is causing concern, we would always prefer to work closely with parents so that everyone is aware of the concerns and the positive steps that are being taken in response.

Please click the link below to view our latest Behaviour Policy:

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