Sports Premium

Impact of Funding

Our main focus this year has been to increase the number of pupils participating in extra-curricular activities both during lunch times and after school. We now offer 2 sessions of football coaching a week compared to the one session previously with both sessions up to full capacity. As well as football we offer Netball twice a week, once during lunchtimes and once after school. A mixture of boys and girls attend these netball sessions and we are now entering the team into a tournament. We also provide a cricket club to pupil’s one night after-school every week. Dance has also become a very popular after-school option for both boys and girls and this again is reaching full capacity. As well as after-school clubs, we provide sport sessions for a different year group each day during lunchtimes. With the funding, we have also been able to roll out our sports leader roles where current Year 6 pupils are put in charge of organising their own activities for the younger pupils in the school. This has given them a great boost of confidence and we already have current Year 5s ready to take over. The increase in both boys and girls playing sport has allowed the school to enter more inter school competitions. Having achieved Gold in the School Games Kite Mark, the school is now looking to maintain its high standards in PE.

Impact Figures:

Anglesey School Games award:

2014/15 - Bronze

2015/16- Gold

2016/17 - Gold

Number of B teams in level 2 competitions:

2014/15 - 1

2015/16 - 3

2016/17 - 4

Number of C teams in level 2 competitions:

2014/15 - 0

2015/16 - 1

2016/17 - 2

Links with local sports clubs

2014/15 - 2

2015/16 - 7

2016/17 - 7

Pupils attending dance sessions:

2014/15– 7 pupils – 1.8% of pupils in KS2

2015/16 – 21 pupils – 7.6% of pupils in KS2

2016/17 - 29 pupils - 8.5% of pupils in KS2

Following a Year 6 survey – 97% of pupils said the activities available during lunchtimes were much better than previous years and this had had an impact on the behaviour around the playground. The structure of the sessions (1 year group a day) enabled them to enjoy the sessions more with a smaller amount of people instead of a mass number trying to play that specific sport.

Action Plan

Anglesey Primary Academy Action Plan.pdf