Performing Arts

Participating in performing arts, be that learning an instrument, taking to the stage in a theatrical production or learning to sing, develops children’s confidence, teaches crucial life lessons and brings them huge enjoyment and satisfaction. Here at Anglesey we want to ensure that every child has the opportunity to be involved in performing arts during their school journey.

Children experience music across the school in a variety of ways through singing assemblies, curriculum lessons and musical events, such as our Harvest Performance at the local church. When children are in Year 3 and Year 5, they have the opportunity to widen their musical education by learning to play an instrument in weekly music lessons led by a passionate, specialist teacher.

Extra Curriculum

At Anglesey, we are very proud to be able to offer children the opportunity to partake in music lessons outside of class time; we currently offer violin lessons as well as a fantastic ‘Music Club’ which offers children the chance to learn recorder and try out a range of different musical instruments.

Pupils across Anglesey also have the opportunity be involved in a range of theatrical performances throughout the academic year. The school hosts several performances at Christmas (across all Key Stages) and the KS2 Drama Club proudly showcases an original performance each year. Furthermore, regular class assemblies offer different children the chance to hone their presentation and performance skills.

By offering children opportunities to be involved in performing arts, we are also offering them the opportunity to develop skills outside of the purely academic and become confident and committed individuals.

Updated November 2019