Writing at Anglesey

Writing at Anglesey

As part of each English unit of work, teachers plan the spoken language, reading and writing objectives children need to achieve. Teachers decide on the final writing outcome and 'plan backwards' from that to ensure children build the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to confidently create an independent piece of writing. Teachers also plan opportunities for children to 'publish' some of their final written outcomes, which lead to their work being displayed, shown to another class, shared with parents, made into a book for another year group to enjoy or being shared on our school website.

English Mastery Flow Model at Anglesey Primary Academy

At Anglesey, children in Years 1 - 6 will follow the English Mastery Flow structure so that they can make rich connections across the English curriculum. English units of work are planned to include reading and writing (as well as spoken language opportunities) allowing children to compare texts, develop as a reader and learn about authorial choices and their impact on the reader. Children can then use this knowledge to inform their own creative writing. For each unit of work, teachers plan 'flows' which enable children to develop the knowledge and understanding they need to produce their own writing. Teachers plan lessons which include a variety of high-quality texts and engaging, yet ambitious, activities. For each 'flow' within a unit of English, level of challenge increases in order for children to develop a deeper understanding of what is being taught. Teachers plan the initial teaching, independent application, probing questions, further extension tasks and problem-solving tasks.



We utilise the Letter-join handwriting scheme to teach cursive handwriting. Any of our pupils wishing to practise their handwriting at home can now log in to the Letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers. There you will find the same, easy-to-use handwriting resources as we use at school. You can login by clicking on the link opposite. Please see the overview below which shows the progression in handwriting from EYFS to Year 6.

How to log in to Letter-join


Simply go to www.letterjoin.co.uk

and log in, using the Desktop log-in boxes, with these details:

User name: eg4964

Password: home


Go to www.letter-join.co.uk, select the Tablet Login button and log in using these details:

User name: eg4964

Swipe code (starting at top left):

Once logged-in, you will be able to watch how to form all the letters of the alphabet using the same style that we use at school. You can then trace over the letters and words on your tablet and print out the worksheets from your PC for real handwriting practice.


At Anglesey we follow the No Nonsense Spelling programme from Y2 to Y6. The No Nonsense Spelling programme is a comprehensive yet accessible progression in the teaching of spelling. The focus of the programme is on the teaching of spelling, which embraces knowledge of spelling conventions – patterns and rules; but integral to the teaching is the opportunity to promote the learning of spellings, including statutory words, common exceptions and personal spellings.

The programme is designed to meet the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum with clear progression through blocks of teaching units across each year from Y2 - Y6.

No Nonsense Spellings Teaching Sequence

The programme has been written broadly following a teaching sequence for spelling, whereby each new concept is taught, practised and then applied and assessed. Frequently there is also a ‘Revise’ session before the teaching session. A typical teaching sequence is as follows:

Updated November 2019