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The curriculum maps and Knowledge Organisers provide you with an overview of what each year group is covering within their curriculum. EYFS Nursery and Reception have half termly topics and all other year groups are termly.

Recovery Curriculum

As all children return to school, following school closure due to Covid-19, we felt it was important for us to be clear about the approach that we are taking as a school to support children's academic and emotional well-being recovery.

Anglesey Primary Academy have put the child’s well-being at the centre of our thinking. We acknowledge that the children will have had different experiences during this time. However, the common thread running through all is the loss of routine, structure, friendship, opportunity, learning and freedom. These losses can trigger anxiety in any child. Some of you may have experienced this with your own children.

We know that an anxious child is not in a place to learn effectively. So with this in mind, the school community has thought about the most effective way to support your child’s ability to learn. This approach will encompass and support the academic expectations for your child. We hope that you feel this approach will support your child’s well-being as they begin their re-engagement with learning at school.

Professor Barry Carpenter has written a 'Think Piece' which encourages schools to think carefully about the Recovery Curriculum as all pupils return to school. It is a way for schools to help children come back into school life, acknowledging the experiences the children have had. We want children to be happy, feel safe and able to be engaged in their learning. We have decided that a way to achieve this for the children is to acknowledge the importance of helping them back into school life using the 5 Levers suggested by Professor Barry Carpenter.

Lever 1: Relationships – We can’t expect our pupils to return joyfully, and many of the relationships that were thriving, may need to be invested in and restored. We will plan for this to happen, not assume that it will. We will reach out to greet them, using the relationships we build to cushion the discomfort of returning. We have provided virtual transition meetings as a way of starting to build those important relationships.

Lever 2: Community – We recognise that your child's curriculum will have been based at home a long period of time. We will listen to what has happened in this time, understand the needs of our community and engage them in the transitioning of learning back into school.

Lever 3: Transparent Curriculum – All of our pupils will feel like they have lost time in learning and we want to show that understand this and will work to help them to become confident learners at school.

Lever 4: Metacognition – In different environments, pupils will have been learning in different ways. We will support pupils in re-establishing and developing positive learning behaviours.

Lever 5: Space – It is only natural that we all work at an incredible pace to make sure this group of learners are not disadvantaged against their peers, providing opportunity and exploration alongside clear expectations.

Our trust, AET, have provided a suite of recovery curriculum packages and resources that best prepare our pupils for the forthcoming year and teachers at Anglesey will be using these to plan the recovery curriculum for our pupils. The packages focus on the needs of the whole child both academically and their emotional well-being. The packages focus on the most common areas of deficit that our pupils may return with. You can view the packages by clicking here.

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