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"The atmosphere is great because you feel as if you're part of a family. The connection I have with other professionals across the Trust is unlike anywhere else I've ever worked."


Curriculum Leader, London

More opportunities so you can forge your own path. More care and support, so you can prioritise what matters most. More purpose, for you and for the children we’re inspiring.

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Equality and Diversity

As a truly inclusive MAT, united in our purpose to inspire remarkable lives, we want to set the bar high for diversity and equality across AET, through leadership, curriculum, recruitment, opportunities and experience. We serve some of the most diverse and disadvantaged communities in the UK and everyone is welcome in the AET family. To pave the way for remarkable lives to be fully realised, we recognise that everyone must have what they need to thrive. We do not believe in short term fixes. Instead, we commit to making changes systematically, over time, through our actions, processes and opportunities.
Our developing networks within the trust, will give you a voice to help drive change to ensure you can flourish and give your best to the children we serve. We have begun to invest more in our people, working alongside external partners, to ensure fairness and equity and that we address our unconscious bias, so that our AET family is totally inclusive in words and actions.
For our children, we strive to provide an inclusive and balanced education that fosters belonging and builds worth and understanding to inspire them to choose a remarkable life.
We are committed to going beyond zero tolerance of discrimmination against any of the nine protected characteristics, identified in the Equality Act 2010, to zero tolerance of any discrimmination. We are currently giving particular attention to our four pillars of race, gender, sexual orientation and disability, so that we can remove barriers to progress and meet the needs of those who identify with one or more of these characteristics. However, inclusivity is at the heart of who we are, and through this stance, we aim to become a leader and influencer on equality in the education sector.

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