Blueprint For Turnaround

Turning around a failing trust is hard. Things don’t improve overnight, and not everything goes entirely to plan. And whilst we have learnt much along the way, we don’t have all the answers. But I hope this Blueprint for turnaround helps shed some light – both on what happened with AET, but also to share some ideas with colleagues who may be facing similar entrenched challenges elsewhere in the sector.

My enduring thanks go to the fantastic AET team: AET is now an organisation to be reckoned with and a name to be proud of.

Julian Drinkall, Chief Executive.

(March 2020)

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AET Blueprint for Turnaround (web).pdf

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Blueprint for Turnaround - Podcast Index:

    • 00.00 Introduction with Sir David Carter, former National Schools Commissioner.
    • 03.13 CEO, Julian Drinkall
    • 07.26 Lauren Costello discusses the challenges with primary academies
    • 14.38 Jonathan Wheeldon explores AET’s approach to governance
    • 20.27 David Hatchett explains the work he has led to transform secondary academies
    • 26.40 Julian Drinkall and James Nicholson discuss AET’s financial challenges and how these were overcome
    • 30.20 Frances Soul explains AET’s model of education services
    • 33.56 Kevin Parish shares the ways in which HR support has evolved
    • 37.56 Jonathan Allen explains how AET got to grips with marketing
    • 48.48 Julian Drinkall shares some final reflections

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