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Please check this site daily for assignment updates and other important information.

Team Integrity Daily Announcements

Friday, March 27, 2020

Check out our new tabs at the top of this homepage to find resources and activities more easily!

Happy Friday! We are almost done with our second week of remote learning, and we are so proud of all of the hard work that has been happening. Finish strong with your assignments today, and then go (safely) enjoy the weekend! If you'd like to, challenge yourselves to Family Activities BINGO over the coming days. All of the activities (some more creatively than others) can be completed while still maintaining social distance!


Here is the answer to yesterday's Think About It Thursday challenge:

Mr. Blue lives in a blue house. Mrs. Yellow lives in a yellow house. Mr. Orange lives in an orange house. Mrs. Red lives in a red house. Who lives in the White House?

A: The President!


We continue to appreciate all of the work that is being done at home. Please remember to visit our Google Classroom daily to check in on your assignments.

Please view our weekly schedule of assignments below if you are having trouble keeping track of what is being expected or sticking to a routine at home.

Please also be sure to check in with your Specials each day. Daily information from each of them can be found by going to the Specials tab.

Thank you all for embracing this remote learning experience. Let's continue to make every day count!

Mrs. Lindberg & Mr. Jones

Say "Cheese"!

Take a look at our remote learning classrooms! Parents, if you would like to share a photo of your remote learning experience please email Mrs. Lindberg or Mr. Jones. Let's stay connected!

Seen here are an awesome kitchen classroom, a superhero hard at work, Mrs. Lindberg's new co-teachers, an extra cozy read aloud, an outdoor classroom, some smiling siblings, a tough reading choice, and a talented musician!

Weekly Schedule

Here is our beloved "today slide"! Team Integrity students are familiar with viewing our daily slide to see what they "must do" for the day and the week.

Let's get started!

In your Remote Learning bags, you will find the following materials and instructions for completing the assignments at home. You will also find your child's Chromebook and charging cord, various materials from specialists, as well as some pencils and erasers and a goody bag from the dental hygienist who visited last week. Please keep all of your completed work together as it will be collected when school resumes.


  • Math Textbook - This is to be used as a reference for instruction and examples while completing math packets.

  • Weekly Math Packets - These can be found in the manila folder. One packet should be completed each week, as labelled.

  • Please check Google Classroom daily for additional math assignments and resources.


  • Reading Street Textbook - Stories and response questions for weekly reading assignments will be found here, as posted on Google Classroom.

  • Writing Journal - This is to be used for the prewrite, outline, and rough draft stages of weekly writing assignments.

  • Please check Google Classroom daily for additional literacy assignments and resources.

Please Note:

In our preparation shuffle, we neglected to include your student's Chromebook username and password on the lime green Technology Access Overview document located in your student's manila folder. Your child accesses their Chromebook daily at school and should be able to do so at home with ease. However, if they are unable to remember their username or password, please contact us and we will get that information to you. Thank you!