AEGIS Emergency Management

Empowering Ethnic Minority Communities

OUR Vision

To Empower Ethnic Minority Communities and Promote Equal Opportunities by Building Community Disaster Resilience through Engagement, Education and Collaboration

OUR Mission

Engage with Ethnic Minority (EM) Communities to enhance Disaster Resilience

We provide comprehensive education and training programmes to build disaster resilience for EM communities. 

We believe that by empowering EM communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies, we can enhance their resilience and ensure their safety and well-being during times of crisis.

Educate and provide on-the-job training for EM Individuals

We offer a range of on-the-job training, training bonuses and support programs to enhance the employability of members of EM Communities including language classes, on-the-job training workshops, vocational training and mentorship programs. 

By providing these resources, we aim to promote Equal Opportunities by helping individuals overcome barriers to employment and achieve their career goals.

Collaborate with stakeholders within our society to promote Community Integration for EM Individuals

We provide programs and events designed to help members of EM communities to connect and engage with different stakeholders within the society, build relationships, and develop a sense of belonging. 

We believe that by promoting community integration, we can promote equal opportunities and help create stronger, more disaster-resilient communities.


AEGIS Emergency Management is seeking talented individuals to join our young, dynamic and multicultural team to fulfil our missions. 
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