What are we about?

The Adaptive Experience Guild of Information Security will be a new type of organization at George Mason University starting in the Spring of 2019. The purpose of the guild is to form a coalition of like-minded professional cyber warriors.

In Cyber-security, we are faced with an increasingly complicated world of our own. New adversaries, exploits, standards, and of course technology which all make a more difficult landscape for students to navigate. Every company uses their own processes and practices to add to the complexity, but the aim of Aegis is to understand these risks through the experiences that our members will have.

As a member of Aegis, you are the ambassadors, inventors, and explorers of our generation. Forge your professionalism by getting access to unique one-on-ones with private and government agencies in our area. So if you are seeking to network in ways that open the door to more internship possibilities, as well as earn experience on research projects, then Aegis right for you.

Guild Model

Aegis and Sponsor Coalition

The core strength of the guild is to bridge theses Interactions into a joint effort to bring members closer to focus on pioneering the cyber community in a professional setting. The role of the sponsors is primarily to offer valuable advice to our student members as well as financially support our growth through the interactions of projects, networking, and career exposure.


  • Student Led Projects
  • Present results in a multitude of mediums
  • Involvement and impact of cyber community
  • See how classrooms knowledge can be applied
  • Understand emerging technologies


  • Find more and unique opportunities
  • Help host conferences at GMU
  • Find mentors
  • Find groups who best represent your skills
  • Seek advice from field from professionals

Path Exposure

  • Organizational culture diversity
  • Opportunity to find unique and alternatives to your current path
  • Understand size, and organizations that fit you
  • Define career aspirations