To You,

Whom it will concern:

We have been in the search for someone like you. We are looking for George Mason students interested in understanding how to create a powerful impact in securing the data world. It has been deeply troubling to listen to students at GMU and influential professionals express this general concern:

"With the amount of applications being sent, received, and dissected, why the hell is it getting more difficult to find the perfect fit for a job position??"

As a college student studying cyber security, I have noted that the consummation of information outside of class just to be competitive is difficult to obtain by graduation. This means that students find it harder to get exposure to the diverse companies who are pioneering, innovating, researching and may not have good job market strategies. Here are 3 quick reasons why I'm searching for you to help us solve the following barriers to entry:

  • The cyber security program we aim to graduate in will most likely need to drastically modify, within 2 years just to keep up with the constant technological innovation.
    • We enjoy the difficulty of my program, but because the focus of our CYSE program is not centered around coding students may find coding

  • My fellow peers feel overwhelmed, and bored at the same time in the time leading to graduation.
    • Let's face the fact that there is a lot of information our generation needs to catch up on to get a basic understanding of cyber
    • We are overwhelmed with the opportunities available for our future, but can't really contextualize which path may be best for us
    • At the same time we are bored staring at our computers. It is difficult to enjoy a social college life because we are self learning

  • George Mason is within arms reach of hundreds of Cyber security what's going on?
    • While there are more jobs and internships open available than ever before in this area, it is difficult to seek some amazing small and medium sized companies who are innovating sometimes faster and more distinguishable than larger companies
    • These companies have a hard time reaching our academic environment. When companies are able to reach out to us, such as the career fair it is painful to watch a resume get swallowed up in a sea of other's experiences because companies are spending more time dissecting a candidate from a piece of paper rather than who that individual is

Unfortunately this is a known reality, just from the perspective of a fellow college student and and impact. We want to clarify that these barriers by no means takes away how hard professors, professionals, and students are already working, but we believe that the problems we have addressed can help create more efficient, dedicated, and tactile feel to cyber. The solution that my team has been working to start spring semester 2019 is a new spin on student organizations at GMU in the form of a guild. It is to my understanding that best way to solve these problems are to find a unification between the university, the students, and local opportunities for talent. If we have addressed one barrier to entry that you can identify with, we know that AEGIS will unlock new insights into why a guild is for you, and we want you to join us. On this website, we will address how the guild can equip students to come close to be the cyber warrior that our country needs.

Thank You for being amazing,

Jordan (JoJo) Kirkwood