Haudenosaunee Resources

Use the following sources to help you research the Haudenosaunee People.

***Teachers the password for all databases is the same. Please let me know if you need it.***

This is a link that will bring you to a list of databases. Not all databases are right for this project. Use True Flix, Brain Pop Jr, Britannica, and Kids Info Bits.

This is a link to the present day Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Choose the Culture tab to learn about their culture, customs, and history.

True Flix directions

  • Open True Flix
  • Select American Indians tab
  • Select Iroquois
  • Watch Video and Read Book

Brain Pop directions

  • Open Brain Pop
  • Select Social Studies tab
  • Select Native Americans
  • Select Iroquois
  • Watch and Explore Page

Britannica directions

  • Open Britannica
  • Select Elementary
  • Search "Iroquois"
  • Listen/ Read Article
  • Select #2 at top for more information

Kids Info Bits directions

  • Open Kids Info Bits
  • Search "Iroquois"
  • Select an article
  • Listen/Read article