IA Number Sense Community

Who are we?

We are a network of Iowa Educators who support mathematics.

We believe "All of us are smarter than one of us." - Graham Fletcher

Our Purpose:

For educators who are supporting mathematics, this network will:

Provide support specific to building Number Sense

Share resources used to support best practice

Share resources to provide support for implementing practices and strategies to increase Numeracy

Provide a space for collaboration and community

Provide new learning for all members

The Plan:

To provide a website that will house resources and a series of webinars. The next webinar will be @ . Sign-up for Live Registration .

The Community:

Join the different ways to stay connected via: email, Twitter, G+, Linked In, etc. Check out the "Join the Community" tab to receive information about upcoming webinars.

Contact us:

April Pforts - State Supervisor of Mathematics at the Iowa Department of Education

Technical Support

Denise Krefting - Instructional Designer - K-12 Services, AEA Learning Online

Deborah Cleveland - Instructional Designer - Local District Professional Development, AEA Learning Online