Non-Immersion Classes

Non-Immersion Classes

Students who would like to enroll into grades 3-5 and do not have prior German language skills do have the opportunity to apply for our non-immersion program where they have the opportunity to have German taught as a foreign language rather than in our dual immersion model. They will enjoy the instructional benefits of our IB program but receive all of their core subject instruction in English. In addition to their regular curriculum they participate in German foreign language instruction several times a week.

In addition to German language instruction (listening comprehension, oral communication, reading comprehension, writing, grammatical concepts), students receive instruction in the following:

* German songs

* German cursive writing

* one culture project per year

* some German worksheets on current IB units

What do we like our students to know by the end of 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade?

3rd grade German foreign language: Students can understand and use very basic phrases, construct short meaningful sentences, and are able to communicate about themselves, family, home, pets, school, food, time (24 hour clock), daily routine. Students know numbers 0 to 10,000, days of the week, months, seasons, and colors and some countries/languages in Europe.

4th grade German foreign language: Students can understand and use basic phrases, ask and answer questions about personal details, construct meaningful sentences about themselves and the world around them, and write short paragraphs in German. Topics include their home/room, clothes, school, body parts, sports, healthy/unhealthy food choices, some countries of Europe and capitals, animals and what they do, going to the farmer’s market, giving directions, favorite foods and expressing preferences, planning a party and writing invitations, trash/recycling, hobbies, taking a trip and writing postcards. In 4th grade, the goal is to deepen language skills and expand the vocabulary base of the students with emphasis on reading, writing, and role-plays. Introduction to present perfect tense.

5th grade German foreign language: Student can understand and use the language in more complex situations and can use German creatively (e.g. create travel brochures, weather reports, letters etc.), communicate about hobbies & recreation, vacation, weather, birthday, health and body, places around town. Students learn the geography, landmarks, and specialties of countries in Europe. Student is able to use the present perfect tense and is introduced to the simple past tense.

How parents can help students at home

- ensure that German homework is completed every Monday and Thursday

- study vocabulary with student (flashcards and work books)

- check out German books from AEA library

- watch German DVDs from AEA library

- watch German TV on the Internet

- host an intern teacher

- take child to German/European cultural events in the San Diego area