German Language Exams

German Language Exams in 5th and 8th Grade

We offer our 5th grade students the opportunity to participate in the German language diploma exam level A2 (for our immersion students) and level A1 (for most of our non-immersion students). All of our 8th grade German language students participate in one of the following standardized high school language exams before they exit our middle school: the German language diploma (DSD) at the B1 level or the National German High School Exam- AATG. Registration for these exams is based on current student assessments, effort, participation and teacher recommendation.

Please contact your child's German teacher to find out more about the exams and registration deadlines.

For more information about the exams please take a look at the attached flyer and the websites below:

please see also attached brochure. It is part of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages . - for AATG exam. The AATG is a national organization for teachers of German.